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This is just a fan site.We have no conection to Adelaide or her management,family & friends & co. All pictures,videos and etc. are copyright to their original owners and the site has no profit.If you want anything removed, contact us.
This is just a fan site.We have no conection to Adelaide or her management,family & friends & co. All pictures,videos and etc. are copyright to their original owners and the site has no profit.If you want anything removed, contact us.

Reign season 3 will be introducing the very interesting Queen Elizabeth and her English Court.

Reign season 3 will focus primarily on the conflict between Mary, Queen of Scots, (Adelaide Kane) and England’s Queen Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten).

Queen Elizabeth’s court will also be introduced in Reign season 3.

Of course, Queen Elizabeth’s history is never complete without the appearance of the man who has always been rumored as her lover, Robert Dudley.

Historically, Robert Dudley and Elizabeth were childhood friends and with Elizabeth’s rise to power, Dudley’s influence and power also rose.

Unfortunately, by the time Elizabeth became queen, Dudley was already married to Amy Robsart, a daughter of a Norfolk squire. Even amidst the rumors of an affair between the queen and her husband, Amy still kept faith that her husband was telling the truth that he was not having an affair with Elizabeth. Even with the fear that her husband might eventually divorce her or set her aside, Amy fought for her marriage.

Charles IX of France will also be playing a bigger role in Reign season 3. He was seen briefly in season 1, but was not shown at all in season 2. Charles IX is the heir to the throne of France, though he doesn’t seem to be interested in learning the ropes of ruling a kingdom.

Torrance Coombs, who plays Sebastian Bash, has revealed through his Twitter account that filming for Reign season will start tomorrow, June 30.

They have released the synopsis for the upcoming season:

“Reign” begins its third season with Mary and Francis realizing that they are more powerful together than apart, believing there is hope for them to move forward, leaving behind the anger and hurt. It also introduces us to another Court, that of Elizabeth, “Virgin” Queen of England. Still early in her reign, Elizabeth faces opposition on all sides, particularly from men who doubt a woman’s ability to rule. Like Mary and Catherine de Medici, she struggles to hold on to power and love. The women have much in common, and Mary and Elizabeth are reluctant foes, but foes nonetheless, each positioned by birth and fate to destroy all the other holds dear.”


Here is the official synopsis for episode 5 of season 2 :

CHURCH VS. STATE — Tensions between Protestants and Catholics escalate when bloodshed at a Protestant service causes an already concerned Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Francis (Toby Regbo) to intervene on the eve of Greer’s (Celina Sinden) wedding. Bash (Torrance Coombs) and Leith (Jonathan Keltz) lead a search for the guilty that reveals a surprising secret about Castleroy (guest star Michael Therriault) that could destroy his union with Greer. Meanwhile, Francis receives an unwelcome gift from his dead father. Kenna (Caitlin Stasey) discovers a sex journal, with clues leading to the best lover at court, who just might be a match for Lola (Anna Popplewell).

Also some episode stills were released, I’ll replace them with HQ ones as soon as possible.

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This is what you should expect in the first episode of season 2 which premires October 2nd :

PLAGUE ROCKS THE KINGDOMThe new King and Queen of France, Francis and Mary are plummeted into chaos after the Black Plague ravages the land and creeps inside the castle, threatening lives and the stability of their new rule. Francis finds himself on the wrong side of the quarantined gates, with Lola, as they try to make their way back to safety. New and murderous foes are introduced as nobles grasp for power, pressuring Mary — and Catherine — even as the death count rises. Meanwhile, Kenna and Bash find themselves separated, Kenna’s life endangered as she risks all to save their young ward. Greer is forced to watch Leith move on with a new love and is shocked to realize he’s involved with her fiance’s daughter.

Adelaide looked amazing attending the HFPA & InStyle celebration during the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival held at Windsor Arms Hotel. Unfortunately there are no red carpet images available for now, only social media shares.
Click on the thumbnails below to view the images.


Red Carpet & Inside

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Entertainment Weekly released a new promotional photo for season 2 featuring Mary and Francis along with and article.
Here is the article:
So far, the biggest teases fans have gotten for season two of Reign have involved a plague, famine, sex, a baby, more sex, and lots of death. Oh, and a new princess joining the fun. But now, EW has an exclusive first look at season two with a promo shot of the king and queen of France.

Although Mary and Francis didn’t leave things on good terms—she locked him out of the castle as he rode into a plague-infected land to visit his baby mama—there’s no reason to believe their marriage is in jeopardy just yet. For one thing, the love triangle is a thing of the past. At Comic-Con, Adelaide Kane was asked about the relationship between Mary and Bash—who’s now married to her best friend Kenna—to which she simply said, “They’ll always have a special relationship. I just don’t think they’ll bang.”

And based on the first footage from season two, it seems the biggest thing coming between Mary and Francis will likely be his newborn child and her struggle to produce an heir of her own.

Then again, that “struggle” is what Kane has said will lead to more nudity for Mary, and in the above promo shot, we get a glimpse at the, er, relaxed attitude of the queen. Although the couple still manages to look royal, there’s a definite undertone to the photo, with Mary showing a bit more skin than usual. Clearly, these two won’t be all business this season. | Designed by :Sunny Designs